HOMEMADE CARP BOILIES AND RECIPES – Mainline Cell And CC Moore Live System Boilie Recipes!

I am a CC Moore bait consultant. This means that I have direct input into the creation and development of new products, inspiring ideas and innovations, pushing forward developments into new products that seriously work. It also means that I have privileged insight into make up of various baits and this builds upon the depth of existing knowledge and inside information I already know about how and why boilies work like Cell, Live System, and Odyssey etc that can help you improve your catches!

One experience I had in helping anglers involved a misconception that Mainline Cell is basically the same as Live System. All I can possibly give away regarding CC Moore Live System is that in my comparative analysis tests and input from contacts in the trade etc is that the primary live active component of Mainline Cell though highly stimulatory in its own right and the main food group enzyme active source, has its limitations compared to the entire processes and workings of CC Moore Live System.

By this I aim to refer to the base cost which infers that on comparison, the quality protein content of live System is superior in certain ways, regarding feed triggering potential. I will not go further than this as my speculative conclusions on differences in performance, but in my tests using very high levels of quality protein homemade baits with exceptionally high feed triggering potential, Mainline cell is massively easier to beat in terms of numbers of fish caught, compared to live system boilies, though live system boilies were defeated in my tests using my homemade baits too.

However, though both baits are highly digestible, they have certain limitations as with any readymade bait made for profit, which makes each a form of compromise to meet profitability requirements and also meet expectations of anglers’ perceptions.

Live System contains certain elements never before used in commercial baits in the UK. It has natural enzyme activity which enhances the natural digestibility of the milk protein, egg protein, and other protein elements included including various concentrated yeast products in generous levels, plus many other factors including addictive milk sugar enhanced with feed triggering enhancers.

Mainline cell contains a live yeast product which in effect seeds the bait so as to make the bait enzyme active, thus breaking down the various coconut oil, hydrolyzing it, and helping partially to digest the majority of the bait being carbohydrate products. Within Mainline Cell, the main yeast product used is very potent, so relatively little is required for fish to detect it, and also have it seed the bait and activate it to create an enzyme active bait.

However having used very similar formats of live yeast baits and yeast seeded baits in the past in testing and research using various yeast strains, multiple purpose enzyme products, peptide products, concentrated live yeast cattle feed conversion optimizers etc, I estimate from my examination of the baits and catch results that Mainline Cell appears in effect to contain far less yeast and milk derived actual protein in terms of true feeding trigger potential and its cost indicates it has to be primarily a carbohydrate based bait as opposed to being a protein based bait! Live system ingredients and additives appear to contain a higher capacity for true feeding trigger release containing a wide spectrum of very potent feeding trigger protein dense additives and ingredients. This bait is certainly not simply bulked out for maximum profits with maize and soya for instance!

Both baits work, are very highly digestible and each contain active yeast factors yet there are many profound differences in elements used and their combined effects on each other, their profiles of triggers and their densities, as well as how carp identify each bait and their elements individually and in combination. Both baits are improved by soaking in extra liquid products which in a way just demonstrates that they are not actually optimised for effect or such adding of liquids would make no difference to results!

I design my own homemade baits, and in what I teach one to one in person I never use maize, semolina or soya, and use totally different off the scale true feeding trigger dense materials; my homemade baits have zero need of any additional liquids or dips as they are truly profoundly optimised and maximised already!

So in my experience of actual comparative bait testing of each of these 2 readymade baits, and in making far more potent versions of these baits as homemade baits (completely redesigning making feed triggering capacity massively,) all I can say is that with the correct teaching, you too can defeat these 2 baits with great ease!

In contrast to readymade baits, my truly optimised for function and maximised for internal and external performance homemade baits are just off the normal scale in terms of potent feed triggering capacity, bioactive potency, and other profoundly powerful aspects. These extend not merely to intrinsic natural and induced and additionally augmented enzyme activity, but to far more profound probiotic and prebiotic aspects and many other much more effective cumulative and instant aspects, that really put such bait paradigms outside of profitable realms for a bait company to produce!

And this is where things get very interesting indeed for the angler needing and wanting to improve his catches using truly optimised and seriously maximised for effects and functions homemade baits!

Instead of using for example spending whatever cost amount on 10 kilograms of readymade baits, he really can achieve the same amount of catches using a tenth of that volume of bait using far more potent homemade bait. You just do not tend to even hear anything like this in the videos or magazines all in effect paid for by tackle and bait companies and their vested interests, because to say their products can be beaten is not something they like to admit to the masses!

But there are enough anglers reading independently outside of the vested interest world of big companies that really do know and appreciate from their own thinking and own experiences, that in going your own way, and doing your own thing, with sound guidance, produces better results than just copying the latest bait rig etc in the monthly magazines.

For some anglers an element of fear comes up when considering going their own way, and giving up on expensive readymade baits. But they need to see the bigger picture that actually there was a time when everyone made their own homemade baits and that very many of the guys that sell bait commercially today are still basically making baits to recipes and bait thinking and bait paradigms that are in effect 50 years old; which can be very drastically improved upon right now by using new thinking!

So this new thinking is a massive edge, but few anglers actually know about it because it cannot be exploited by bait companies and so does not get talked about in the magazines videos etc.

I did a comparison between one of my personal bait tuition clients and his homemade baits, fished against his brother who was a Mainline Cell typical weekend warrior type of angler. Half way through the day, despite hundreds of kilograms of Mainline Cell being introduced previously in to the lake which was Puma Lake on the Monk lakes complex in Kent, fished side by side, the Cell baits had only caught under half the number caught on the homemade baits.

Then I arrived and gave some more tips and my own personal baits to test against Cell, at which point the guy using my homemade baits had so many takes he could only get 1 rod out at a time, and meanwhile his brother using Cell blanked for the rest of the afternoon, until I gave him a couple of my baits, and 15 minutes later he caught the biggest fish of the day!

Now here is the question of the immediate response of the anglers actually experiencing this readymade bait versus truly optimised and maximised homemade bait paradigm test in action, first-hand!

The angler who had my bait tuition using one of my lesser refined paradigms of bait caught over twice as many fish in the morning as his brother did using Mainline Cell. Then in the afternoon it was just so hectic using my most refined paradigm of bait that the homemade bait guy could only get one rod out instead of three, and meanwhile his brother blanked for the rest of the afternoon using Cell.

At the end of the test day the comment that the Cell boilie fishing brother made about the results, (after being a totally and completely conditioned Cell and Korda angler,) was that he will never use another readymade bait again in his life!

He even asked me why I am not a millionaire knowing what I do know and knowing what I teach to my one to one clients. I replied that I never learned what I learned for money; I did it to learn the truth about what works and how and why it works and how to ask the really awkward questions that bait companies avoid all the time! I mean questions like how to defeat all of the most well known leading brand readymade baits!

I originally learned about bait (full time,) to help people improve their quality of life, internally, by becoming far more aware that they really are what they eat, and that directly effects their inner balance, health, disease resistance, this directly effects their energy levels, mood changes, enthusiasm, vitality, and ultimate effectiveness and happiness in life and of those close to them and who are influenced by them too! I went into research with a holistic approach, never imagining where it might lead!

I never went into bait research and bait testing on the normal basis of making maximum profits by selling readymade baits bulked out with cheap low protein ingredients! That is in fact a very certain and sure way to create seriously under optimised and under maximised ranges of baits for maximised profits, yet the bait industry is rammed with companies from the bottom to the top of the market doing this!

The vast majority of anglers buy their bait on a cost per kilogram basis because that is what they misguidedly think is what matters. But what matters are aspects of potency per kilogram that induce fish feeding instantly! And I am not referring to instant over loaded flavour type attractor baits or so-called food baits, but truly a new truly optimised paradigm of bait never ever seen by any readymade bait buying anglers!

The true value of a bait is how potently it changes fish feeding behaviours and most especially actual true feeding in many very profound ways and levels, instantly and cumulatively!

This true cost is a cost far higher than bait companies can afford to have in order to make a profit. So they compromise all the time! This is even more the case as raw materials have skyrocketed in recent years!

In fact I just went into bait research out of necessity from being forced out of my career as a professional commercial grower and horticulturalist, as a result of a back injury, just at the point the world depression was striking. So I simply went into this bait research and testing as a stop gap and I self published my first ebook on it on homemade bait optimising and on changing paradigms of food baits and beating readymade baits in my later ebooks some yet unpublished, and then I suddenly realised I have been in this work full time for 7 years now! How time flies!

How deep the rabbit hole goes! And the more I come to know the more I see a bigger picture of how readymade baits are simply under optimised and are certainly not maximised for success in so many ways, but are compromises of factors regarding actual constituents and formats and processes and operations and internal and external and water reactive and other impacts and effects!

As Frank Warwick and many other leading bait icons have told me, I have a unique perspective because I do not have any vested interest in running my own bait company. I simply write what I have studies and I and my 1-1 bait tuition clients and ebook and article readers world wide have reported and fed back to me in terms of actual results on effectiveness of what works!

Imagine being at the hub of many contacts in the bait trade and being able to condense that knowledge and insight into new bait paradigms, too costly to sell as readymade baits for maximum profits, but so potent that they can be taught to people one to one in intensive tuition, so they can use a tenth of the volume of bait they used to use, and still catch as many if not more big fish!

This paradigm has already proved to catch fish which are rarely caught on readymade baits. This is in part because this new homemade bait paradigm is so potently optimised for internal and external impacts, feeding trigger density and water reactivity, changing water column molecularly, changing fish feeding modes directly, and changing fish brain chemistry directly among so many other factors!

Thus far, the largest fish caught on this homemade bait paradigm by my bait tuition guys has been the Elphicks North Lake mirror at 62 pounds.

I have found over the past 7 years that all this and more can be taught very simply one to one! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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Food Adulteration

Food Adulteration is the major problem related to food faced by all the countries all over the world. Not only the developing countries like India, all the developed countries are facing the problem of Food Adulteration. As a result of this the people who consume the adulterated food are badly affected and sometimes even may resulting to food poisoning. Sometimes the results of consumption of adulterated food are immediate. In other cases the affect may be delayed and the delayed affect may be more dangerous even which may lead to cancer. The best example of this delayed effect is consumption of metal contaminated food. Metals enter into the food through air, water, soil or by industrial pollution and contaminate the food. Metallic components of arsenic oxides, Barium carbonates may accidentally make their way into the foods. Packaging material, containers, metal machinery that is used during food processing and distribution are the other sources of contamination. Metals are naturally present in foods and even mere changes in the dietary uptake it leads to toxic effects. Some of the metals like lead, tin cadmium, mercury, arsenic, zinc, copper, aluminum, cobalt and chromium when consumed in large quantities are toxic. Studies conducted by scientists at Industrial Toxicology Research centre, Lucknow found that silver foil used for sweets and in pan masala contain nickel, lead, chromium, and cadmium. These metals when accumulated slowly in the body become carcinogenic and may result in cancer. Silver foil with a purity of 99% can be used in edible form. A survey conducted by the Indian Council of Medical research (ICMR) also found high levels of pesticide residues in bovine milk and metals like arsenic, cadmium and lead in infant canned products and turmeric. Nickel, a trace metal that could cause cancer is present in Indian chocolates, water, and hydrogenated vegetable oil and even in milk. These types of Adulterants which are incidentally which enters the food products are called as Incidental Adulterants or Unintentional Adulterants.
The Incidental adulterants pass sequentially through the food chian in the following way: Contamination begins when farmers use pesticides to protect crops. The Health department sprays pesticides to control malaria-causing mosquitoes. Residues remain long after spraying .Cattle, fodder and chicken feed are affected, and ground water, meat, fish, milk and egg get toxic. More spraying done to prevent fungus and rodents from attacking stored grain. Further increases the residue levels in foodstuffs. Sellers dip vegetables in pesticides to make them look fresh as well as to preserve them. Oils and sweets are adulterated with prohibited substances. Even after cooking toxic residues are not destroyed and when ingested pesticides are absorbed by small intestine. Fatty tissues present in the body store these pesticides which can lead to the damage of heart, Brain, kidney and liver. Strict control on various sources of contamination, established control of quality control by authorities, strict follow up with the accepted standards and food labeling will avoid the excessive contamination of food with metals. These standards and rules include Prevention of Food Adulteration Act 1954(PFA 1954), PFA Rules 1955, Standard weights and measures Act 1976, AGMARK, Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI) , Food Safety and Standard Act 2006( FSSA 2006 ).
The incidental poisoning can be prevented by doing the following things:
–>Regular market surveys to warn people dangerous build-up of toxins in food.
–>Stepping up the integrated pest-management programme to teach farmers to use pesticides judiciously. No spraying should be done a week, before harvest.
–>Taking up on a war footing the control of pests using their natural predators.
–>Using safer pesticides like synthetic pyrethroids or Malathion.
–>By washing vegetables thoroughly before cooking.

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