Commercial Food Mixers Key Advantages

Commercial food mixers have come of age. Great technological advancements have ensured that these modern commercial food mixers have multi tasking abilities. They are generally used in bakeries but the application premises may vary depending on the requirement of an establishment. Now, before discussing the important advantages of a commercial food mixer, we must understand its working mechanism. Usually there is a large metal vessel that holds a minimum five gallons of dry or wet ingredients. This is necessary for commercial operations to be able to produce the number of food items that they need to. There usually is a motor that most of the times is housed on the top of the machine. The top of the machine usually has an arm so that the mixer can be pulled down into the vessel. Now, here is a list of some important benefits and application areas of a commercial food mixer.

Bakeries: Bakeries and other food preparation businesses could not function without a commercial food mixer. It is the first step in the food preparation process. The importance of a mixer in bakeries can be understood from the fact that most preparation processes for all the products are generally the same except for some minor alterations. In a nut shell, a commercial food mixer is an indispensable requirement for any bakery just like commercial fridge freezers.

Factories: Food manufactures are often found hunting for the right food mixers. The very fact that they have to produce large number of food items in terms of both variety and quantity, makes it even more important for them to get the right commercial food mixer. The important benefit that any factory should look out for is a proper upkeep and hassle free operation of this commercial food mixer. Most factories have more than one commercial mixer. They may have up to ten or more depending on the scale of their manufacturing operation.

Home: People who live in large joint families or prepare food for small community groups often prefer to buy commercial food mixers and commercial refrigerators. Commercial food mixers make short work of large domestic jobs, drastically reducing preparation times of large volumes of food for domestic consumption.

I hope these insights nputs help you understand the importance of commercial food mixers.

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The Many Tastes of Venetian Recipes

Traditional Venetian recipes are unique from the rest of Italy and reflect many different neighboring cultures. The foods are delicious and there are some certain recipes that stand out as being classics in Venice.

Venetian recipes often revolve around fish, which is natural given its coastal location.

Risotto with fish is a perfect example, and there are so many delicious ways to serve it. These rice dishes can be made with fish as well as other kinds of seafood, such as shrimp, mussels, prawns or even lobster. For something a little bit different, try risotto al nero di seppia which is risotto with cuttlefish ink. It’s a deep black color that you almost never seen in cuisine.

In many Venetian recipes, the fish is either fried in oil or grilled. As an appetizer or snack, you should try the sardine in saor which is a cold dish with sardines, onion, pine nuts, raisins and a dressing of oil and vinegar. It’s sweet, sour and salted all at once.

For something a little different, but still with great Venetian history, try the baccala. It’s a dried and salted codfish that was introduced to the area in the 1400s when Venetian seamen were wrecked on Norway’s Lofoten Island. They loved the fish and brought it back with them, though the specific recipes have changed over time to suit Venetian tastes.

There is more to Venetian food than just fish. With such close associations to the Middle East, you can find many meals with other meats and cheeses as well. Fegato alla veneziana is a sour and spicy dish made with liver, onions and oil and vinegar. Local vegetables are frequently used, such as artichokes, radishes and peas. Rice with peas (risi e bisi) is a well-known Venetian recipe.

If you are going out to eat, you might enjoy cicchetti which is really a term for a wide mix of finger foods that you can enjoy casually at a wine bar or local restaurant. Grilled breads, meatballs cold cuts and vegetables all make excellent cicchetti.

Venetian sandwiches are known as tramezzino, and can be found all across Italy with many variations. The base is soft white bread and mayonnaise, but the fillings can include ingredients like tomatoes, mozzarella, tuna, olives, ham, eggs, mushrooms or artichokes.

When you visit Venice, you must try at least a few of these traditional Venetian recipes while you are in the city.