A Review Of Bagasse And Its Applications In Compostable Food Packaging

This write-up will give you a quick overview of bagasse and bagasse compostable food packaging. We will then discuss a few brief reasons outlining why we support using bagasse biodegradable food containers.

Bagasse Synopsis – Bagasse, if you don’t already know, is a discarded off shoot of the sugarcane manufacturing process. Basically, sugar cane as soon as it’s taken to a manufacturing facility to be refined, is squeezed for its juice and the remaining fibrous material is bagasse. Bagasse has typically just been dumped in the trash or it has been used as a fuel in some manufacturing facilities to power the sugarcane production process; but regrettably, as a result of being employed as a fuel, it emits some contaminants into the natural environment.

Today, bagasse is being made into biodegradable food service ware. Listed here are several quick reasons explaining why we’re fans of bagasse biodegradable plates & food containers.

#1 – Sustainable. Bagasse is derived from sugar cane which happens to be an annually renewable resource. Sugarcane matures incredibly rapidly and by using it in biodegradable bowls & compostable food packaging you are keeping it from either being discarded or being employed as an energy source which will emit toxins into the natural environment.

#2 – If you’ve ever touched a bagasse biodegradable food container before or if you have gotten a good look at a bagasse product, you’ll have observed that the product has a very natural appearance. Biodegradable bowls made from bagasse are textured and the products really do look very natural. This aspect is crucial especially when bagasse food packaging products land up in commercial composting centers (which is a key component of taking advantage of the environmental benefits of bagasse). If they are deposited in those composting facilities, it is quite easy to determine that the biodegradable bowl was made from bagasse, that it does belong in a municipal composting facility, that it’s going to compost, and that it should not be removed from that composting center.

#3 – The third reason why we’re big supporters of bagasse is quite frankly the quality of the containers. Bagasse biodegradable food containers are very tough. They are quite sturdy and certainly one of the best things about them as well is that they hold up to temperatures north of 150 degrees fahrenheit very well. You can place very hot chili into a bagasse container; in fact you can put a variety of hot food or liquids in bagasse and you’re going to get a tiny bit of sweat beneath the product, but otherwise it is going to look after that heated food very well.

And so, that is our summary of bagasse and bagasse food containers.