Filipino Street Food A Booming Industry In Philippines

Filipino people are known for their affection with street food, almost every person on all walks of life has an inclination for eating street food. Everywhere you look, it is common to see people flocking together eating street food, it could a barbeque from Chicken intestine or pork fat or Fried fish ball and squid ball offered using a portable cart.
For average Filipino, street food seems so appetizing. The colorful Tokneneng fried egg offered in the street looks so tempting to us, the truth tokneneng is so delicious especially when newly cook and eaten with vinegar dipping. Fish ball and squid ball has its own place when it comes with the popularity, Fish ball has been offered in the street before I was born and Squid ball find it place in some of the big super market in the Philippines, you could always find kiosk that sells squid ball along with other dim sum and Filipino beverages locally known as gulamin on those supermarket. Taho is another popular street food in Philippines, compare with other Filipino street food taho is more healthy and nutritious, it is a byproduct of soya bean and within the family of tofu and soya milk. Taho is usually served with a sugar caramel in the top locally known as arnival, the looks of taho is comparable with soya milk but with jelly like consistency. Before, it is Chinese peddler that usually sell Taho in the street but now a days it become a booming Filipino business. Balot is another popular street food in Philippines, for some it might be an exotic food but for Filipino Balot will always be a part of our culture. Balot is known for its aphrodisiac effect and also known for its high protein content, taking too much balot might cause a high blood pressure because of its high protein and cholesterol content, so be wary when taking some. Dimsum or siomai is a well known Chinese food in the Philippines, before it is just offered on big Chinese restaurant on Metropolis but now a day siomai is also offered in the street, you can always people using a improvised pedalized tricycle with a built in gas stove selling while steaming siomai. And same with siomai, Pizza is also offered using same improvised tricycle with oven on it.
Truly, street food bas become a booming industry through the time, it is become so popular because of the availability and affordability for common Filipino. But proper government authority should implement strict law in regards for selling food in the street, they have to make sure that the food that are being offered is proper for human consumption to protect public health.