Scotsman Ice for perfect icing solution

Scotsman-Ice is the world’s leading manufacturer of ice machines, which are supplied to hotels, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, fast food outlets, laboratories, fisheries and many more types of businesses. The company offers the most choices of ice forms in the industry today, and the ice machines can be designed to supply cube, flake, superflake, nugget, scale and/or gourmet ice in quantities that can range from one cube at a time up to ten tons of ice per day.

Scotsman Ice’s history dates back to the 1950s when the company introduced the development of reliable and affordable ice machines. Through 50 years of innovation, research and excellent customer service, the Scotsman Ice remains the largest manufacturer of ice machines on earth with authorized agents and distributors located among 100 countries. There are currently over a million of the company’s ice machines in operation across the globe.

Scotsman Ice’s innovation and research has resulted in over 300 models of ice machines, dispenser and bins. The company has combined reliability, efficiency and ease of maintenance to make the most advanced ice machines in modern times. The company has even received recognition from a major management resource magazine as one of the top ten best plant operations in the United States.

Scotsman Ice’s ice machines are foolproof, reliable and easy to use. The machines feature external indicator lights, and unique self-monitoring technology. The company provides clear and concise manuals, guides and operational videos on how to use their ice machines. In addition, customers may request the regular service bulletins that are issued to the company’s engineers.

The company offers a complete line of Scotsman ice maker products especially designed for hotels, restaurants, hospitals and offices. Customers can select from countertop or freestanding dispensers in touch-free or conventional configurations. Ice is especially important for customer satisfaction in hotels as hotel guests will usually want or need ice during their stay. Therefore, the Scotsman ice making machine ensures that it is always available. In addition to being reliable, the ice makers are very quiet so that they do not disturb the hotel guests. The machines feature a sleek appearance with durable stainless steel, a convenient easy access bin for service and cleaning, and a unique power lock switch that guarantees operator safety during maintenance.

Scotsman-Ice also offers machines that dispense water as well as ice. These machines are a favorite among hospitals and laboratories, as the touch-free dispensers minimize the possibility of cross-contamination. In addition, the ice-dispensing chute can easily be removed for sterilization and cleaning. These machines feature outstanding reliability and were the first machines to offer a true one-hand, touch-free operation.