Soft Cat Food Choices

Soft cat food

Cat food is specially made to meet the specific nutritional requirements of cats. One element that should be paid attention to in their diet is that cats need the amino acid taurine. Make sure your cat food has little or no grains and only a small amount of vegetables. The right cat food is critical in keeping your cat happy and healthy!


The ingredients in kitten, adult cat, and senior cat food is really all alike. Adult cats (1 year) may be given food once or twice a day. Most adult cats are lactose intolerant and drinking milk will give them diarrhea. Kittens and aging cats need more food than the adult cat. Also, kitten nutrient needs are greater than an adult cat’s because they are growing SO very fast!


There are many nutritionally balanced cat foods that you can get in both the canned and dry forms. August, 2007: The FDA recalled several foods under the Natural Balance Eatables product line due to botulism toxin contamination. It’s really simple to get the nutrients out of balance and seriously compromise your cats health. Try to use cat-treats that are nutritionally balanced so as to minimize any disruption in your cat’s overall diet.


While the Menu Foods recall was the largest pet food recall in the history of commercial pet food, don’t think that this was the first time that many cats and dogs have died after eating commercial pet foods that have been contaminated with chemicals, bacteria, and bacterial or mold toxins. Foods like Science Diet, although more expensive than the average, are usually better for your cat.


Kittens have other special food needs, so be sure to get a kitten formula for kittens. Give them food that’s dry as soon as the kittens teeth are strong enough to chew hard food (8 to 10 weeks). Kittens will need supplemental food as early as 2-1/2 weeks after birth and surely by 4 weeks because mom’s milk isn’t going to be an efficient nutrient food source. Kittens should only be given kitten replacement milk (like KMR), never cow’s milk.


Your cat’s nutritional needs will change as she grows from a kitten into an adult. Giving her a premium cat food formula for each stage of her life gives her nutrition that will help her stay fit and healthy. My cats are very special to me and I feel it is important for them to eat a diet that is equal in nutritional quality to what I would eat myself. Purina one cat foods are formulated with high-quality ingredients to give your cat all of the nutrition he needs. Nutro natural choice cat food contains the finest natural ingredients with essential vitamins and minerals for superior nutrition, taste and performance. Evo cat and kitten food was created to supply the key nutritional benefits of a raw food diet in a safe and convenient manner. Diamond cat food gives your pet high quality nutrition at an affordable price. This is important, since every pet is unique, and has different nutritional needs. Over the years we are glad to have witnessed an increasing trend of caregivers becoming more participatory in understanding their feline companions’ dietary/nutrition needs.


In reading the survey results, it seems that many cat and dog owners don’t know quite as much as they think they know about the food they are giving their pets to eat. Many cat owners are turning away from commercial pet foods and are feeding their cats homemade organic pet food. The quality of ingredients in cat food has become more vital than ever in many owners’ eyes, especially following the pet-food recalls of last recent yeras. Today cat owners are being tortured by the uncertainty of it all.


Even though bones are the most natural and optimal source of calcium, one of the most common problems that people run into in their cats when starting to feed a raw diet is them getting constipated. In theory, we should not need to remove any bone when using chicken thighs but if your cat is experiencing some problems with constipation, try removing 20% of the bones and see if that helps. Do not use canned fish as a protein source for cats that are prone to urinary tract problems. Did you know that wheat and corn can cause skin problems and diarrhea and vomiting in cats and dogs. Whole brown rice (not rice gluten) is about the only grain that provides some good nutrition for a cat or dog and doesn’t cause allergies or digestive problems for your pet. There are variations for cats with kidney problems (lower protein), cats with weight issues (more bulk like wheat bran and water-filled veggies), etc. Forget about buying anything for “Urinary Tract” problems because these are still the same old cheap pet foods with a fancy name so people will buy the product.


The three main types of cat foods are dry, soft-moist and canned products. Soft-moist cat foods generally offer higher palatability as compared to dry diets, are convenient to serve and store easily. Soft cat food is also sometimes the only alternative to feeding your cat because that’s all they really enjoy sometimes!