How To Get A Film Star Complexion Fast…. With The Raw Food Diet

How to get a Film Star Complexion and be the envy of your friends with RFD ?

Many of the benefits Ive discovered over many years on the Raw Food diet, is that my skin tone has improved dramatically.

Althought Im male and in my sixties, Ive noticed how my skin has softened, the frown lines are less intense, as are the laughter lines around the eyes. So much so that people often remark that I look at least 10 years younger than my years!

Thats a great ego – boost, but Im more interested in the benefits of eating a mainly Raw Food diet. I run regularly around the hills where I live, and often leave much younger men behind . That’s just to say it really works.

Now, skin is nourished from the inside, and its re-hydrated from the organic water we obtain [which is incidentally the only pure water on the planet] from natures own fruits and vegetables.

Its true to say that a clean exterior comes from a clean interior, so you need to undertake first of all, a detox. That is, if you really want to have a pure and glowing film-star complexion.

But dont panic. It will not be hard I promise . In fact, you will positively enjoy it.

Now, let me outline the simple procedure which will, if you, follow it precisely , help you to get that blotchy, dull-looking skin you may be suffering with currently, transformed into a bright, clear, glowing countenance.

First ,for Breakfast ,take a large fresh orange, a good firm lime[greener the better] peel and put through a juicer extactor together with a generous sized slice of lemon. Drink and enjoy. That’s the first thing you do in the morning.
Nothing else at all.

Then, for lunch; a small salad of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, grated carrot and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Then for the evening meal, a large mixed salad , more or less whatever you choose. However, absolutely no dairy product , such as cheese or yoghurt or anything of that ilk.

Now please note,everything must be fresh,natural, uncooked. Drink plenty of water.

Do this programme for at least 3 days,and extend to a week if possible.

If you are like most folks who have undertaken this diet, you will report not only a marked difference in your skin tone,but also your energy levels too.

And thats not all; You will find there are numerous extra benefits you`ll enjoy apart from the initial detox.

For example, weight loss (often a pound per day) thicker healthier hair,healthier teeth and gums and better quality of sleep. Hows that for starters? Go raw,you won’t regret it!