Stemless Wine Glasses are the perfect choice!

Much has been written about the pros and cons of Stemless Wine Glasses, and whether the phenomenon will just turn out to be a passing fad. Well unless you move through life with your eyes closed, the truth of the matter is quite evident on our TVs, in our shops and at our restaurants. The market for Stemless Wine Glasses and Stemless Champagne Flutes is nothing short of BOOMING.

Who would have thought that chopping the stems off a wine glass would result in one of the innovations of the century! Ok this might be pushing it a little, but what wonderful money and wine-savers these glasses have become. Homes, restaurants, bars and other businesses all over the world are finally starting to see the light; Stemless Wine Glasses save wine-lovers and purveyors alot of money

Stemmed glasses have been traditionally so par-for-the-course that people didnt even think twice when stocking their glassware cabinets it was more about which brand and shape of glass they would buy and there was no consideration for anything else. With Stemless Glasses carving out a solid and unique path in the wine landscape, more and more people are switching off that auto-pilot button and looking at this sparkling trend with a little more conscientiousness than before.

Were not saying that you should do away with traditional stemmed glasses altogether, because there are a few advantages that they still maintain over the stemless variety. Stemless Glasses should, although, definitely be considered as a complement to your existing glassware collection.

You just cant take stemmed glasses everywhere. They are not appropriate for picnics, festivals, the beach, camping and many other large indoor or outdoor events. They will inevitably be knocked over and result in your wine and glass scattered pointlessly across the ground.

Stemless Wine Glasses are more stable, more mobile, more transportable and so much more compact than their stemmed cousins. They are designed in just as many shapes and sizes as traditional glasses, and also manufactured by all of the trusted brands. Surely Riedel and Libbey, who are the two most successful manufacturers of housewares in the world, didnt make a poor business decision by expanding their lines by offering a multitude of Stemless Wine Glasses.

Ultimately, it comes down to the individual to decide whether stemless glasses have a place in their world, but all the pros of these great vessels are surely enough to make up your mind. The Stemless Wine Glass is here to stay.

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