Important Components Of Food Safety Standards

There may be several food safety standards, but their goal is always the same. Each set of rules aims to ensure that food items will not cause harm to consumers. There are no distinct boundaries to tell these standards apart, although there are different ways to look at it. These regulations can be grouped according to food service, import or distribution. Each division is governed by different agencies, which may enforce diverse sets of standards:

1. Imports

Food safety standards that deal with this division are the most widespread among all regulations. Government agencies for agriculture are usually in control of these standards. Politics may also play an influential role in decision-making, especially since this division deals with trade and import. European countries, for instance, have firmer rules on importing genetically modified crops compared to the United States. Some countries may also restrict dairy products made with unpasteurized milk.

2. Distribution

Another way to look at food safety standards is through distribution. Processing is an example of this division. Most cases of contamination begin during production and processing, which is why prevention is crucial at this stage. Standards that focus on this division emphasize the importance of stopping contamination at an early level, before it causes widespread harm. A country-wide contamination can easily spread to a full-blown worldwide disaster if food safety is not practiced from the very beginning. Not only will it require immense effort in recalling contaminated items, but food safety malpractice may also lead to poisoning and illness. Both consequences have an enormous impact on the country’s economy and may lead to greater expenses and losses in profit.

The national agency of agriculture is held responsible for making sure that standards in distribution are met. All methods and precautions should be exercised to prevent cross-contamination and ensure food sanitation.

3. Food Service

Food safety regulations that are included in this division are more focused on food presentation and handling. This includes maintaining the appropriate temperature in salad bars and storage freezers. Meat and poultry should be prepared in accordance with the recommended heat level. Otherwise, consumers should at least be informed that the meat was undercooked. For instance, customers may have different preferences with how their steak is prepared.

Good hygiene goes hand in hand with food safety. Employees who are directly in contact with food items should practice proper hygiene in food preparation and handling. The local health department is in charge of implementing these guidelines in the food service industry. Depending on the government, these policies may require overall hygiene in the workplace and service area. Some employees are even encouraged to wear hairnets while preparing food.

Food safety should not be taken lightly, especially by those who are engaged in the food service industry. Business who are non-compliant to these standards are at risk of losing their license to operate, and may even be required to pay fines. The local government reprimands uncooperative businesses by revoking their licenses until proper action is taken.

Food Storage Companies Join Network Marketing

There are some newcomers to the MLM (multi-level marketing or network marketing) business these days aside from the many cosmetics, vitamins, nutritional drinks, travel, long distance phone service, and other types of companies which already exist. Emergency preparedness and food storage companies have joined the area of MLM.

Network marketing, as they prefer to be called, allows people to own their own business for a nominal start up fee as compared to regular brick and mortar businesses. It also provides a compensation plan which pays the person for bringing others into the business to share in the work and the profits. The people in several lines downward or sideways may bring cash earnings to the person who brought them into the business. They earn money from the efforts of others instead of only on their own work.

During these difficult economic times when many people throughout the world are suffering and with the natural disasters which are striking whole communities, people are seeing the value of emergency preparedness and food storage. As grocery store shelves become quickly depleted when a natural calamity hits, it becomes apparent that families would do well to be prepared with some basic essentials.

Some organizations and churches have long admonished their members to prepare themselves for emergencies and disasters. Indeed, the motto of the Boy Scouts of America is: Be Prepared.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which has received quite a lot of press in the past several years because of all the natural disasters such as Katrina which have hit the United States, recommends that people have enough food, water, and first aid for three days. If a natural disaster strikes, it usually takes at least three days before government and charitable aid is able to help sufficiently.

The bad economy has caused people to lose jobs and paychecks for long periods of time. Getting government or charitable help is not always easy or quick. Having a supply of food on hand (or food storage) can help alleviate the pain and suffering which can come. Companies which provide this service are now available in network marketing. Plans can be made through them to build up a food supply for emergencies by a small investment each month from the food budget. People can earn money through the network marketing aspect, and the companies are helping people to be prepared for whatever comes.

Red Clover – Acne Remedy For Women

Red Clover – Acne Remedy For Women Adult acne is a common skin problem in the United States, costing people millions of dollars on infomercial and over-the-counter products.

This article explores the benefits of red clover on acne in adult women.

As a plant in the legume family, this wonder of nature is often used for grazing cattle. But it’s more famous for its amazing benefits on women’s health issues. Red clover may effectively combat adult acne as a safe and natural remedy, due to its wealth of benefits.

First of all, red clover is known to balance female hormones, thanks to its isoflavones, which are plant-based chemicals that mimic effects of natural estrogen in the body.

One of the major causes of adult acne in women is hormone fluctuations. You may notice a flare up during times when your hormones are out of balance, for example, during your monthly cycle, pregnancy and menopause.

There are other symptoms you may recognize during these specific times, such as mood swings, breast tenderness, and anxiety.

Red clover can regulate your imbalanced hormones and help you keep your hormonal acne flare-ups under control.

Secondly, Red clover is said to purify the blood by helping the body to get rid of excess fluid and cleansing the liver. Liver is the main organ responsible for blockages which may lead to a plethora of physical problems, including acne.

By cleansing the liver and purifying the bloodstream of toxins, this herb helps to achieve a healthier skin.

Finally, this herb is found to be able to reduce stress and anxiety in women. Stress is one of the major causes of adult acne. Higher stress levels may cause a flare-up of acne.

Stress affects your health by causing inflammation throughout your body. Inflammation of the skin results in stress acne and other stress-induced skin conditions like hives and psoriasis.

By relieving the emotional strain with this helpful natural wonder, you reduce adult acne breakouts related to stress.

Other natural methods you can take include a healthy diet and regular exercise to oxygenate your body.

You can benefit from red clover by taking supplements containing the extract. Such supplements may also be helpful for your other symptoms related to imbalanced hormones and stress.

If you would like to read more on the benefits of red clover on acne, as well as reviews on supplements containing this herb, please visit my website today.

Scotsman Ice for perfect icing solution

Scotsman-Ice is the world’s leading manufacturer of ice machines, which are supplied to hotels, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, fast food outlets, laboratories, fisheries and many more types of businesses. The company offers the most choices of ice forms in the industry today, and the ice machines can be designed to supply cube, flake, superflake, nugget, scale and/or gourmet ice in quantities that can range from one cube at a time up to ten tons of ice per day.

Scotsman Ice’s history dates back to the 1950s when the company introduced the development of reliable and affordable ice machines. Through 50 years of innovation, research and excellent customer service, the Scotsman Ice remains the largest manufacturer of ice machines on earth with authorized agents and distributors located among 100 countries. There are currently over a million of the company’s ice machines in operation across the globe.

Scotsman Ice’s innovation and research has resulted in over 300 models of ice machines, dispenser and bins. The company has combined reliability, efficiency and ease of maintenance to make the most advanced ice machines in modern times. The company has even received recognition from a major management resource magazine as one of the top ten best plant operations in the United States.

Scotsman Ice’s ice machines are foolproof, reliable and easy to use. The machines feature external indicator lights, and unique self-monitoring technology. The company provides clear and concise manuals, guides and operational videos on how to use their ice machines. In addition, customers may request the regular service bulletins that are issued to the company’s engineers.

The company offers a complete line of Scotsman ice maker products especially designed for hotels, restaurants, hospitals and offices. Customers can select from countertop or freestanding dispensers in touch-free or conventional configurations. Ice is especially important for customer satisfaction in hotels as hotel guests will usually want or need ice during their stay. Therefore, the Scotsman ice making machine ensures that it is always available. In addition to being reliable, the ice makers are very quiet so that they do not disturb the hotel guests. The machines feature a sleek appearance with durable stainless steel, a convenient easy access bin for service and cleaning, and a unique power lock switch that guarantees operator safety during maintenance.

Scotsman-Ice also offers machines that dispense water as well as ice. These machines are a favorite among hospitals and laboratories, as the touch-free dispensers minimize the possibility of cross-contamination. In addition, the ice-dispensing chute can easily be removed for sterilization and cleaning. These machines feature outstanding reliability and were the first machines to offer a true one-hand, touch-free operation.